There are many models of Vertical Gardens possible according to the geographical location, space available and the water and sunshine resource availability.



    We have an organised approach for every project with adequate research done prior to the execution of every project considering multiple factors affecting the growth of plants.

    • PHASES
    1. Design

    The first step, the design phase includes complete detailed drawings followed by green wall plant design.

    2. Setup

    The setup phase includes material fabrication and plant acquisition tasks which comprises of shipping to the nursery, planting in the containers or panels etc.

    3. Plants

    Pre-growth is required for bio walls and eco walls. Living wall plant acquisition depends on the availability.

    4. Hard Material Installation

    Hard materials include backing of frames, irrigation equipment, lighting equipment and anything else that is required to keep the plants alive.

    5. Plant Installation

    Plants are delivered after the lighting and plumbing works. In the case of interior walls, lighting will be installed without a chance of interruption later. After the dusting, the plants are installed in the platform set up.